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I have sat back for the past couple of years, regathered my thoughts, witnessed the changes of the media landscape, and shook my head. The digital era has changed the face of everything. It has given us the ability to know the status of our cars at any moment in time. We can also re-route a new course to our destination because of data acquired concerning our route.

We are no longer tied to a cable to entertain ourselves. We watch videos and movies on demand with our smart devices and tablets. We watch what we want on our time frame. News and information is now obtainable by command to our phone or home smart devices. No longer do we wait until the 6:30 news to find what is happening in the world, we get alerts from our phones the instant it happens from the organizations we deem as the most reliable.

News sponsorships and government influence now control the narrative of major outlets. Groups who find the information self-suiting follow their favorite and reject the rest. This has led to independent news organizations finding an audience on mediums such as YouTube.

The dynamic of media has changed as a result of technology change. If you are reading this, I am curious how the recent years has affected your news and entertainment acquisition. Take a moment to post your thoughts and what you access daily for news and entertainment.

As always be safe!